Era Tides Realty & Hollywood, Florida Pest Control Resources

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Era Tides Realty & Hollywood, Florida Pest Control Resources

You must have had a situation when you simply start freaking out because of the bugs and pests. The best solution is to call Hollywood Florida Pest Control to get your pests out of the home. Still, before you get to the point where you must call them, you can perform a couple of tricks on your own to reduce to the possibility for the infestation. This article contains some basic tips that are provided by Hollywood Florida Pest Control  team, which you should do whenever you can, regardless of your situation with bugs.

Prune all the trees that are near your roof

trees-that-are-near-your-roofWe all love to have trees next your house, as it looks beautiful and provides a cool shade during the hot summer days. Still, when you have the trees really close to your house, especially roof, it is likely that the pests will start colonizing some part of your home. Whether it is a roof (in extreme cases, those can even enter your house through the roof and end up in the attic in the best case scenario) or a wall that touches the nearby tree, it is a situation where you must take some action. The best way is to prune the tree. The easier way that allows you to escape this is to start shaping the trees while these are still young and small. This will give enough circulation around the foundation of the home, and will reduce the chances of pests getting to your house.

Never store firewood against the foundation

firewood-against-the-foundationYes, this is often seen in remote homes, away from the cities where people storage the wood so they could have it within reach of hand for the upcoming winter season. Once you place it next to the foundation, the first thing that will collect is moisture. The moisture is the perfect condition for your wood to become rotten after a while. That further creates a fantastic environment for pests to colonize the area, and then you have a big problem. Instead, make a shed or a facility/building where you can store the wood and prepare it for the winter.

Garbage must be away from your estate

Never, but simply never, place a garbage can next to your house! The garbage cans are the best form of heave for pests and once they start living there, it is very likely they will start attacking your home, as they will expand their home. Leave a window open, and you have the unwanted guests! Instead, move the trash can away from your house. Also, make sure you take out the garbage regularly!

Pet food is the hideout for pests

This is one of the most common reasons why people get pests inside their houses. A lot of people simply leave the bags of pet food laying open. While this is convenient for the pet owners, it even more convenient for insects to come and move in into the new apartment. Pack the food in the plastic or metal container and you are safe from the insects!